List of Works by Instrumentation

Orchestra/Large Ensemble

Celestine (Prelude for Orchestra) (2017)
Creed for orchestra (2013)
Feuertrunken (Fire-Drunk) for orchestra (2017)
Magayon for orchestra (2015)
Spoliarium for chamber orchestra (2016)
When You Contemplate the Waters for chamber orchestra (2013)

Chamber (3+ without voice)

Air and Gigue for wind octet (2014) or flute quartet (2016)
Cariñosa for violin, cello, and marimba (2015)
Dumagat Fantasy for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (2012)
Heavenward for marimba and string quartet (2014)
Kabihasnan for flute, cello, piano, and percussion (2013)
On the Verge for string quartet (2013)

Chamber (1+piano without voice)

Air for viola and piano (2015)
Canario for violin and piano, or violin solo (2016)
Celestine for oboe and piano (2016)
Two Movements for cello and piano (2011)


Dedication for piano (2017)
Five Bagatelles for marimba (2015)
Five Philippine Folk Songs for piano (2016)
Three Bagatelles for piano (2016)
Turbulence for piano (2011)


Agaw-Dilim for bass and piano (2017)
 for high voice and piano (2012)
Bituin at Panganorin for bass and piano (2016)
Dark Lady for tenor or baritone, violin, and piano (2014)
Pierrot Songs for soprano and chamber ensemble (2012)
Twenty-Third Psalm for SATB (div.) chorus (2016)